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Our Mission:

To get everyone in the Okanagan dancing to latin music!

About the Kelowna Salsa Community Society

We’re a rag-tag bunch of local professionals who also happen to love dancing. Particularly latin dancing. We love it so much we’ve gone ahead and started a non-profit community so we can share it with everyone. We organize lessons, workshops, and social events to get the rest of the Okanagan dancing to our tunes!

Don’t dance? Not a problem, many of our social events are great to watch, meet new friends and learn a little more about the many latin dance cultures. So come check out one of our events to see what everyone’s talking about!

2019/2020 Executive Team

President: Nathan Lundgaard

Vice President: Gürkan Ülgey

Secretary: Alicia Tymstra

Treasurer: Justina LeeStolz

Public Relations: Uliana Nevskaya

Events Coordinator: Alex Longo